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Medusa Textile established in 2006 at Izmir – Turkey. We produce babies, kids and adults ready wear clothing. We have our own cutting, sampling and production units. We do sampling, cutting, sewing and quality control in-house and able to produce 100.000 pieces of per month.


We develop and produce ready wear clothing starting from Newborn, babies, kids and adults. Mainly focused on circular knitted products. We give full service starting from collection until shipment of the garments to our customers by following each step closely. We produce T-Shirt, legging, dresses, sweatshirts, bodies, rompers, babysuits, hoodies, sleep suits, sweatpants etc…


We start with collection period by getting all necessary info including style files, all the artworks and measurement lists, labeling and packaging information. After collection samples sent we move for bulk production. All steps starting from collection until shipment approved by our clients. We send fitting samples, lab-dips, print / embroidery artworks, labels and shipment samples for approval during all steps of collection and production


We are able to produce small orders like 150 pieces per style and total amount within a group of 2500 pieces in total order and up.
Able to design upon your require, whole collection or prints and all other details.
We have GOTS certificate we can produce 100% Organic including digital print as well.
We are able to make patterns, grading and sampling. Able to give input to your designs and collections
We have our own pattern + men and sampling unit. Able to give input to your men and collection.
Able to produce collections within minimum 8 to 10 weeks of period depending to the fabric quality and total amount of style this can be less or more.
All the samples and bulk production sent through our quality control unit.

We are located in the heart of textile manufacturing where all fabric producers, print houses, co-suppliers for accessories etc.. and this allows us to be fast, flexible and able to follow each step of production closely.



We are located in the heart of textile manufacturing where all fabric producers, print houses, accessory suppliers and this allows us to be fast, flexible and able to follow each step of production closely.
We give full service starting from design to sampling until shipment. Our service includes design, research, sampling and production.
The experienced and efficient team of Medusa is capable of handling any customized services that our customers are looking for. We are committed to provide our clients world-class service packages and generate high level of customer satisfaction.

We do development of prototype, patterns and samples, approval samples and pattern grading to all requisite size ranges and size sets, production markers ensuring most judicial use of fabrics keeping in mind all technicalities of fabric to produce most desirable garments. Our developments include variety of all types of baby & kids wear (T-shirts, legging, sweatshirts, playsuits, bodysuits, rompers, dresses, blankets, playmates, nursery etc… )

Having extensive network of fabric and other raw materials supply from all over Turkey, We control quality of all fabric inputs and coordinates timing of their procurement and imports and its timely delivery at garment manufacturing units.
Fabrics are tested for color fastness, fabric strength, flammability or any other parameters set by buyers to ensure product satisfaction. Most commonly used fabrics include cotton, organic cotton, and poly/nylon/viscose blends; yarn dyed plaids, stripes, interlocks, thermals, jacquards, french terries, fleece, ribs, double mercerized, denim etc..

The Initial Production Inspection checks the materials or components stored for production of your order. It also inspects the initial production run. This type of inspection identifies defective materials or components, as well as deviations from the customer’s specifications at an early stage, thereby minimizing the occurrence of non-conformities and allowing for timely corrections where necessary

The Inline Production Inspection or INPRO checks semi-finished or finished goods and takes place when a minimum 15% of your order has been produced. A INPRO improves your control over production, allows timely correction of defects and improvements to quality. It also allows you to verify that your order is produced according to schedule. Corrective action can be taken accordingly.

The Final Random Inspection checks finished products when at least 20% of your order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected at random, according to AQL sampling standards and procedures. The FRI ensures that the production complies with your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit.

We believe in maintaining systems and control measures from yarn-weaving-fabric stages in accordance to AQL 2.5 system to deliver flawless garments. Our quality assurance personnel stationed at all manufacturing sites ensure that all production units are geared to run on AQL 2.5, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money.

We prepare and check all shipping documents as per buyers instructions and ensure dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by buyers L/Cs, well in advance of the actual shipment arrival with intimation to buyers and their clearing agents.

We develop and produce ready wear clothing starting from Newborn, babies, kids and adults.


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5745/7 No:7 Sokak 35090 Bornova-Izmir/Turkey